The Truth Behind “One Size Fits All” in Medicine

Isn’t it funny how, even after seeing the amazing diversity in everyone around you, we still hold fast to a ‘one size fits all’ stereotype for our health? We see all the time how it doesn’t really work – one person can eat 1000 calories and still lose weight while another can eat the same thing and gain 3 lbs. Body type, medical history, and...
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Keep Healthy This Cold Season

With the cold season hitting us hard this year, it’s difficult not to succumb to the sniffles. Not to worry, however, we’ve got some helpful tips you can start implementing today to keep your immune system on track this season! Simple is Powerful We really shouldn’t underestimate the simple things to keeping healthy including: Sleep (getting a healthy 7-8 hours each night) Getting a good...
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Trouble Losing Weight? Try Hormone Replacement Therapy

You’ve done all the right things. You hit the gym. You eat all the right foods. But your weight loss has plateaued and you just can’t figure out why. Does this sound all too familiar? Your hormones may be to blame. Without the right balance of hormones, your body can lose the ability to regulate processes that help with weight loss. While diet and exercise...
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Three Easy New Year’s Wellness Resolutions You Can Achieve

At this time of year, they are on everyone’s minds – New Year’s Resolutions. We start to heavily focus on what we can do to improve ourselves. How can I do better at [insert your particular dilemma here] than I did last year? And with the holidays having just passed, the results of the extra merriment you just partook in might be sticking around. So...
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Get Prepared: Boost Your Immune System this Flu Season

It’s that time of year. Between decking the halls, holiday travel and ringing in the New Year, you’re sure to have been exposed to a sniffle or two. And if the little ones are at school or daycare, your risk of catching an unwelcome visitor in the form of the flu increases.      But don’t fret – there are some steps you can take to...
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