Duke City Health was founded in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 2014 with the goal of bringing the benefits of Direct Primary Care, as well as innovative wellness therapies such as pellet therapy and regenerative medicine, to patients in the community.

Kristy Fury, Advanced Nurse Practitioner

Kristi Fury, CFNP

Kristi chose Family Medicine as her specialty because it allows her to treat the whole person and to develop long-term, caring relationships with her patients.

“I have always had an interest in supporting people on their journey through health,” Kristi says.


Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Texas Tech
Master of Science in Nursing, University of New Mexico Health Science Center


ER Nurse Practitioner, 5 years
Hospitalist at Presbyterian Hospital, 3 years
Family Nurse Practitioner, 14+ years
Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Provider, 4 years


Registered Nurse, 7/22/2003 (License #R50047)
Family Nurse Practitioner, 9/12/2006 (License #CNP01240)


Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner
Certified EvexiPEL Hormone Specialist

In her free time, Kristi enjoys several hobbies such as running, snow skiing, wake surfing and mixed martial arts (MMA). She enjoys spending time with her daughter Addison.

Outreach and Philanthropy

Just as she cares about helping improve the lives of her patients, Kristi Fury is passionate about giving back. An organization she supports is:

Children’s Cancer Fund of New Mexico – The Children’s Cancer Fund of New Mexico exists to help New Mexico’s children with cancer and their families cope with the day-to-day educational, emotional and financial needs of living with and fighting cancer. The CCFNM provides services to over 300 children and their families each year and operates on a budget of nearly $800,000.

Children’s Cancer Fund of New Mexico

“I am passionate about pellet therapy because it truly makes a difference in my patient’s health.”


Specializing in Hormone Therapy

Kristi became a hormone specialist after experiencing pellet therapy firsthand. She quickly recognized the benefits of hormone optimization and saw how it improved her life.

“Within six weeks of my first hormone pellet insertion, I slept better, had more energy and mental clarity, and had an overall renewed sense of well being,” Kristi says.

Since becoming a hormone specialist, she has shared her experience with pellet therapy with others and has administered it to both close friends and patients who have benefited from hormone replacement.

Kristi believes that the majority of medications treat symptoms, instead of the cause of the patient’s health challenge.